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Booking policy:

All clients are asked to please pay a 50% deposit to secure your appointment, which will then be taken off your total bill on the day. If you need to move your appointment, the credit will remain on your account to be used at your next service. Change of mind? Not a problem, if you cancel more than 72hrs before your appointment, we can refund you.

Online Booking:
Appointment can be made online using our Timely portal. Please note all appointments are not automatically confirmed. You will be receiving a confirmation email securing your spot shortly after making the booking.
A mandatory deposit will be automatically secured through Timely before we can confirm your booking. No online appointment can be made without a deposit.
A refund to you will be made if we cannot accommodate or confirm the appointment you have made.

Please note: You may be held accountable in case of no show or last minute cancellation.

Read “Booking Confirmation” and “Cancellation Policy”. 

Bookings confirmation

All bookings need to be confirmed prior to the day of your appointment. A confirmation text will be sent to you 72 hours prior to it. Please simply respond NO to cancel. Failure to cancel within appropriate times may result in the loss of your deposit
See "cancellation policy".  

Cancellation Policy:

It is important that you please confirm your appointment when receiving the confirmation text. Failure to cancel may result in cancellation fees: In case of no show, or cancellation less than 72hours prior to your appointment, you may be asked to pay 50% of the total of what your bill should have been, or lose your deposit if you've booked online.

Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you won't be able to make it to your appointment, as Saint Richards will always try and shift things around and help you out whenever possible, to accommodate you. 

Unfortunately, no further appointment will be made until fees are paid. We reserve the right to refuse appointments if more than 2 last minute cancellations have occurred. 

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